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    Our company develops the product which attaches the scheme which captures the negative entropy (*) from space to the material, and expands the scheme in various industries.

    * Negative entropy is a term that is generally negentropy and understood. It refers to the situation where the life system is kept low in entropy, as it defies the law of entropy. It is also used in the sense that it is simply "a physical quantity that reduces entropy."

  • Bazero Resonances System

    Negative entropy

    The Bazero resonances system (hereinafter called “BR system”) embodies the "negative entropy" Bazero FACTORY's unique science technology. Erwin Schrodinger, who created quantum mechanics and built the foundations of atomic physics, wrote the book "What Is Life?"
    In the "organism has advocated the existence of " negative entropy "in the description that it has escaped entropy decay by always incorporating negative entropy from the environment to offset the entropy.

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    Bazero Resonances System

    We will talk that based on the premise of that “the organism has escaped the entropy collapse by always adopting the negative entropy from the environment.” The BR system which is introduced in our products, is a technology that realizes the inclusion of "negative entropy" from the environment by making the material a medium.

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